Nike Run Club's Apple Watch app gives you more incentives to keep running

Nike Now that watchOS 7 is available alongside new Apple Watches, Nike is updating its Run Cl

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Apple Watch Nike with Nike Run Club streak complication

Now that watchOS 7 is available alongside new Apple Watches, Nike is updating its Run Club app — and it’s good news if you’ve ever needed motivation to slip on your running shoes. The updated Apple Watch app brings a new interface that offers “streaks” for running on consecutive weeks. You only need to run once each week, but it could be the incentive you need to lace up when you’d otherwise sit on the couch.

You’ll also get an improved interface mid-run. You’ll now see your average pace and cadence to help improve your technique. An equally new Twilight Mode (below) makes you more visible during early morning and nighttime runs. That might be particularly important if you either don’t have a reflective Nike Sport Loop or want something that doesn’t require external light to warn others.

Nike Run Club on Apple Watch for watchOS 7

The app also promises “fresh” content and art for the quick start button, Guided Runs and other watch face complications.

This could be an important update. While Nike Run Club already offered badges and encouragement from your friends, this promotes a regular schedule no matter what your fellow runners are doing. That, in turn, could help you stick to fitness goals and turn running into more of a habit.

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