The new iPad Air is here, and Apple’s latest iteration of the slimline iPad is so good that, frankly, we’re wondering why anyone would need to pay more for the iPad Pro. With a powerful processor, Apple Pencil support, and an updated bezel-less design, the iPad Air 4 is the tablet to buy if the basic iPad doesn’t have quite enough grunt for your needs. But a powerful workhorse needs similarly powerful protection to keep it safe. While it’s early days yet, some great manufacturers are getting some of their best cases on the job. Here are some of the best iPad Air (2020) around right now.

Spigen Smart Fold Case

If you’re looking for a case that offers everything you need, and nothing you don’t, then Spigen’s minimalistic Smart Fold is a great choice. The rear case is made from polycarbonate, a strong but lightweight material that should protect well against scratches, dirt, and fingerprints. The front cover is made from PU leather, and is able to fold into a handy stand when not covering the display. It supports magnetic charging of the Apple Pencil, and its slim profile means its perfect for sliding into and out of bags. It’s a tad expensive for sure, but it comes with Spigen’s usual high quality, which helps to negate some of the financial hit.

Pad & Quill Oxford Leather Case

A device as high-end as the iPad Air deserves a similar case, and that’s where Pad & Quill’s Oxford leather folio case comes in. The case is made from a single piece of full-grain American leather, and it comes in three colorways, so you can match whichever style you’re going for. It has interior pockets and magnetic closure, so it won’t fall open in your bag, and the interior has a soft leather to stop scratches. It can prop itself up when unfolded, and even has room to accommodate the Magic Keyboard — though please note that it does not come with the Magic Keyboard, despite the images. All that quality comes at a price though, and it’s certainly an investment. But if your iPad demands the best, you can’t go wrong with Pad & Quill.

UAG Metropolis Series Case

UAG, otherwise known as Urban Armor gear, is no stranger to protection, and its cases are some of the most popular — and unique looking — cases around. That’s no different where the iPad Air 4 is concerned, and the Metropolis case is a welcome addition to the roster of cases for Apple’s latest tablet. The Metropolis offers some formidable grunt, with drop protection that meets military standards without becoming heavy. The folio cover supports the automatic sleep/wake feature, and there’s an adjustable stand too. The real draw has to be the great no-slip coating applied to the outside — which is extremely welcome with a device as large as the iPad Air 4. It’s not yet available to buy, but it’s worth waiting for.

Targus Pro-Tek Rotating Case

A great option if adaptability and versatility is at the top of your requirements, Targus’s Pro-Tek case comes with a freely rotating case that allows your iPad to sit in either landscape or portrait while still being held by the built-in kickstand. This makes it a perfect case if your use is a bit more freestyle than most, or if you just don’t want to have your iPad always sat in the more common landscape position. It’s also protective too, thanks to 4 feet of drop protection, reinforced corners, and a grippy bumper. It also has an integrated Apple Pencil holder to keep your Pencil safe and sound. It’s not yet available for purchase, but it’s a solid option that’s worth waiting for.

Woolnut Leather Sleeve

Not everyone wants or needs a full case for their iPad, and if you just need something to keep your iPad safe between appointments, Woolnut’s leather sleeve is perfect. It’s made from Scandinavian full-grain leather, and is lined with natural wool felt from Germany. This combination grants a luxurious and protective outer layer with an inner lining that’s soft and nestles your iPad, preventing scratches. You also can rest your iPad on the sleeve while you’re using it, preventing scratches or dirt from reaching your iPad. It’s a luxurious option, but it’s also an expensive one.

Otterbox Defender Pro

If you’re looking for protection against drops, scratches, and even bacteria, look no further than Otterbox’s Defender Pro case. Yes, bacteria — the Defender Pro includes a special silver-based antimicrobial additive in the case itself which helps to stop bacteria from living on the case itself. Moving on to more easily seen threats, the Defender Pro uses an extremely solid build to keep your iPad safe from a variety of hazards. An inner core made from synthetic rubber grants excellent shock protection, while an outer shell of polycarbonate provides a scratch-resistant and strong backbone. It’s expensive, and not available yet, but like the other entries on this list, it’s definitely worth waiting for.

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