Tekken 7 is Just $12 on the PS4, and Also Noctis is There For Some Reason

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Tekken 7 (PS4) | $12 | Amazon

Did you think I was joking about talking about fighting games all weekend? You were wrong, then! Tekken 7 on the PS4 is just $12—wait, hold on. Is that Noctis? From Final Fantasy XV? Why? I thought Soulcalibur was the series with the weird crossovers… and Geralt was more or less a shoe-in for Soulcalibur VI so…


Well, anyway, Noctis is there, I guess. And a bunch of other characters too! Tekken 7 also got news Friday night, with Season 4 bringing balance tweaks to all of the characters, and a new character that’s yet to be revealed. Why not snap up a copy and get ready for the new update? Maybe you can tell me the reason they conjured up for Noctis to be there.



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