Nintendo just surprised Switch owners by releasing ‘Kirby Fighters 2’


Nintendo has officially launched a new Kirby brawler for the Switch that it never officially confirmed until now. Kirby Fighters 2 is now available as a digital download for $20, and as the trailer’s voiceover says, it’s a Kirby vs. Kirby vs. Kirby vs. Kirby affair. Nintendo accidentally revealed the title on the eShop earlier today before pulling it down prior to its official launch.

The game is a follow-up to the original Super Smash Bros.—style fighting spinoff that was part of the Kirby Triple Deluxe compilation for the 3DS released back in 2014. It lets you choose your fighter from a cast of the character’s most iconic copy abilities, including Sword, Beam, Artist and the brand-new Wrestler option.

You also have a couple of modes to choose from: a Single-Handed mode that challenges you to take out enemies as fast as you can and a Story mode where you can work with a friend or an AI to beat the game. If you want to play with more friends, you can either play local with up to four players who each have their own Switch or battle online. You can also just get matched randomly for online battles if you don’t know a lot of Kirby fans.

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