Mediatonic hopes PlayStation Plus will help Fall Guys succeed like Rocket League

Mediatonic is hoping that the plan to roll out Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout as a free game will help it reac

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Mediatonic is hoping that the plan to roll out Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout as a free game will help it reach the same level of success as Psyonix’s Rocket League.

In an Ask Me Anything session on the PlayStation 4 subreddit, members of the Mediatonic development team answered various questions on Fall Guys, which is set to launch as a free download for PlayStation Plus subscribers on August 4.

Mediatonic revealed in the Reddit AMA that 2015’s Rocket League was one of Fall Guys‘ inspirations, and confirmed that the vehicular soccer game’s success is part of the push for the PlayStation Plus launch.

“Really early on we’d talked about launching on PS+ being the dream because it would give us a ton of players at launch and really fill the servers up. Plus it just gets the game out there into the ether in a way that was really important to us as a premium game,” wrote Fall Guys lead game designer Joe Walsh.

Walsh said that it was actually Sony that “almost instantly” brought up the idea of releasing Fall Guys as a free download on PlayStation Plus.

Digital Trends has reached out to Mediatonic for further comments on the decision to launch Fall Guys on PlayStation Plus, and we will update this article as soon as we hear back.

What’s next for Fall Guys?

After the August 4 launch of Fall Guys for the PlayStation 4 and PC through Steam, Mediatonic said in the Reddit AMA that there is more to come for the battle royale game, including “variations of existing game modes” and “brand new levels with new mechanics.”

Mediatonic will also be releasing costumes in Fall Guys‘ in-game store over the next few weeks, and acknowledged the possibility of seasonal events. The developer team also revealed that it had to cut a split-screen feature for the game, but added that “you never know what might come post-launch!”

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