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APC 6-Outlet And 4 USB Surge Protector | $20 | Office Depot

If you have learned anything about me, dear readers, it’s that I don’t have room for shit. My room is small, my desk is small, and I have to throw headsets and controllers on the wall like I’m some kind of nerd (well, I am a nerd, but that’s besides the point). Finding a place where my power strips and surge protectors where my cat won’t knock into them is a challenge as well, but that’s where this funky looking surge protector comes in.


This six-plug, 4 USB power strip can cling to the side of your desk with its shape and clip on the inside, which means you can plug in all of your computer stuff and some chargers, then get the bulky wire mess out of the way. It’s much better than my solution to duct-tape my power strip to the back of the desk, at least.

Office Depot is having a sale on this nifty little guy, and you can get it for just $20. No code needed!


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