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Meet RBX-1, the robot punching bag that punches back

Everyone’s a tough guy in the gym until their punching bag starts punching back. That’s the idea behind the RXT-1, described by its creators as the “world’s first sparring robot.”

While it more closely resembles a punchy version of the wacky waving inflatable tube man than a robot Mike Tyson, the RXT-1 could nonetheless be a valuable tool for training boxers and MMA fighters. It does this by not just giving them an approximately person-sized target to aim punches at, but also four foam robot limbs which it uses to strike back, thereby giving the human fighter something to dodge.

“When I started developing the RXT-1, I noticed a void in technology in the combat sports industry,” creator Brent Verdialez told Digital Trends...

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Oppo Find X2 Pro review: The sweet spot

Oppo Find X2 Pro

“The Oppo Find X2 Pro is a gorgeous phone packed with cutting-edge hardware.”

  • Stunning OLED screen
  • Fast charging
  • Versatile camera that takes great photos
  • High performance SoC with 5G
  • Expensive
  • No wireless charging
MSRP $1,300.00

How do you follow the Oppo Find X? It was ahead of its time in design, gave us an innovative and unusual motorized camera, and even had a completely insane Lamborghini version. It seems Oppo itself wasn’t quite sure what to do, as it has taken 20 months for the company to come up with a sequel.

Meet the Oppo Find X2 Pro, a phone that’s not as outwardly flashy as the Find X, but is even more capable.

Andy Boxall/DigitalTrends

I spent a few weeks with a prerelease phone at launch,then another week five months la...

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Alexa Care Hub helps families to keep track of loved ones’ interactions

During Amazon’s fall event, the company announced a new, useful feature: Alexa Care Hub. Alexa makes it possible to stay connected with loved ones even from afar thanks to calling, drop-in, and much more, but until now there wasn’t a dedicated way to keep an eye on them.

Alexa Care Hub makes it possible for two users to create a connection between their accounts that makes them each others’ emergency contact. If something happens, they can say, “Alexa, call for help,” and you will be notified no matter where you are. It’s a better option than just a phone call thanks to the Echo’s far-field microphones.

Once Care Hub is set up, you’ll be able to access a feed of all your loved ones’ interactions with an Echo device, or other connected smart home device...

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Every game coming to Amazon’s Luna at launch

This morning, Amazon revealed its game streaming service Luna.

Luna offers different subscriptions called gaming channels that players can pick and choose from. At launch, only the Luna+ channel will be available, with a Ubisoft channel coming later. An Amazon rep clarified that players can subscribe to the Ubisoft channel without paying for the Luna+, but all games need a subscription of some kind to play.

“No, you cannot buy individual games via Luna, but we’re always looking for ways to make Luna more customer-friendly and look forward to sharing more in the future,” the Amazon spokesperson told Digital Trends.

Here is the entire list of games available during Luna’s early access:

  • GRID
  • Tacoma
  • Hard Reset Redux
  • Atomik: RunGunJumpGun
  • The Surge
  • The Surge 2
  • Control
  • Bloodstained:...
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The best iOS 14 tips and tricks

One reason why Apple’s annual mobile updates are so hotly anticipated is that most device owners — aside from clamoring for new and novel features — are able to take advantage of them immediately. With iOS 14, older devices like the iPhone 6S, released in 2015, can still benefit from most of the new enhancements and updates. There are plenty of new features in iOS 14 — so far, its operation has not been plagued with the level of glitchy issues that afflicted the launch of its predecessor, iOS 13. Here are some tips and tricks for using some of the many neat new features launched with iOS 14.

How to use widgets

Apple’s updated widgets are a new spin on an old concept...

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The Nvidia RTX 3090 reviews are in. Just how powerful is this monster GPU?

Sales of Nvidia’s GeForce RTX 3090 have already begun (and sold out, of course). The company’s most powerful GPU, which bests the performance of the flagship RTX 3080, is proving to be a popular option for more than just enthusiast PC gamers. Creatives, data scientists, and those working in artificial intelligence are bound to find the unique tech in the RTX 3090 useful.

At $1,499, the RTX 3090 costs more than double the $699 RTX 3080. Although it certainly is Nvidia’s fastest gaming silicon right now, is Nvidia’s powerful GPU a splurge that gamers should take on? Here are the things that initial benchmarks, tests, and reviews are saying about the RTX 3090.


Even though Nvidia is labelling the RTX 3080 its flagship second-generation raytracing GPU, the RTX 3090 is the mos...

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Here’s what Amazon’s Luna means for you

The other shoe dropped on Thursday — the one we’ve been expecting for a while: Amazon is jumping into the game streaming business. And it could quickly become a major player. 

What does the announcement mean for players, though? Ultimately, it could be a very good thing.

Amazon has one of the biggest cloud servers around — one utilized by Netflix and other big streaming services — so gamers won’t have to worry about stuttering or stalls.

That’s potentially bad news for Microsoft, which seemed poised to own game streaming with xCloud’s integration into Game Pass. Google’s Stadia has yet to capture a significant audience and doesn’t have much momentum at present. Luna is also reportedly much easier for developers to work with than Stadia.

Meanwhile, Sony has not shown ...

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Blink Outdoor review: It’s nothing new

Blink Outdoor

Blink Outdoor Security Camera

“The followup disappoints with few new features to differentiate it.”

  • Loud internal speaker
  • Battery life rated for two years
  • Narrow field of view
  • Soft video footage
  • Muted color reproduction
  • Lacks specs boost over predecessor
MSRP $100.00

The Blink XT has been a fan favorite for many reasons, while also making many of our own best security cameras lists. This security camera is simple, long-lasting, and works flawlessly in outdoor settings, making it an ideal cam if you’re looking to have eyes on outside of your home.

Now we have a new Blink Outdoor Camera, which shares many of the same features as its sibling – including 1080p video, two-year battery life, and weather-resistant construction...

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8 products on sale now that won’t be cheaper on Prime Day 2020

Can’t wait for Prime Day 2020 to begin? If you’re looking for great deals, you can start now! We’ve tracked down eight products on sale that we just can’t see being any cheaper on the big day. All these products are the latest technology and some are only a couple of weeks old, so seeing discounts on them already is a big deal. If you’re worried that something might end up cheaper on Prime Day, you can always order it now, avoid opening the item, then return it for a full refund after buying it for less on Prime Day. Honestly though? We can’t see this happening. Snap up these great deals today while there’s still stock.

With a huge price cut of $50, the Fitbit Charge 3 is perfect if you’ve been eyeing activity trackers but couldn’t make up your mind...

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Leaf peeping: How to photograph fall’s changing leaves

The start of the fall means you don’t have to travel far to see a spectacular landscape — anywhere with deciduous trees will put on a show, from small towns to hilly countrysides. Nature’s temporary color show often brings out an itch to photograph the colors before they are gone, but capturing great leaf-peeping photography involves more than just pulling a smartphone out of a sweater pocket and rapid-firing a few snapshots.

Learn how to take fall pictures to make the most of your leaf-peeping adventures, whether you own a high-end mirrorless camera or a simple smartphone.

Hillary K. Grigonis/Digital Trends

Plan ahead

Fall colors can be nearly non-existent one day and full of fiery reds, oranges, and yellows the next. Planning ahead will help you see the most color...

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