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Index Wall Shelves | $325+ | Burrow

Of the many pain points involved in revamping your work-from-home setup, shelving is perhaps the most cumbersome. For those looking to expedite the process, Burrow has released its new Index wall shelves, starting at $325 for one and capping out at $1,950 for a set of six. This announcement comes the same day as the launch of its $295 Bento side table, available in oak and walnut.


More than an ordinary, minimalist congregation of wooden slabs, Burrow claims its shelves can be put together in 15 minutes using just eight screws. Better still, because it’s an adaptable shelving system, no tools are required outside what’s in the box. Each shelf measures 32″ x 10″ x 32″ and comes in one of three finishes: oak, walnut, and whitewash.


Burrow, known best for its modular sofa, has designed the Index shelving to accompany the rest of its Nomad lineup, milling them from solid ash, or “responsibly forested wood,” according to a press release. Like its seating collection, the shelves, too, are customizable. Hang a single unit with the included template poster, and it’ll blend in no less than the six-part combo.

“We’re expanding our solutions and furthering our mission to serve all of our customers’ needs,” said CEO and co-founder Stephen Kuhl. “Index Wall Shelves are the company’s first foray into shelving, using the same design ethos that has made its existing products, including its most-wanted Nomad Sofa, popular.”

You can buy the Index wall shelves from Burrow on its website.

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